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Way of the Tanan, Book One: The Dead Wind

Bell Miller, a sixteen years old girl from Woodside Mill, having survived the devastating Dead Wind, finds she can now powerfully manipulate the One Wave, the primal vibration of all things. An explosion casts Bell into an alternate Grotto, alone and trapped. Hidden in the Butte, malignant being, Noster, bent on subjugating the survivors of the Dead Wind gestates ruthless Blood Riders and gathers an army.

Searching for Bell, veteran Scouts Jana and Big Red, attempt to penetrate the Butte, heart of Noster’s power. Bartok, leader of the City Troop, distracted by political ambition is ill-prepared for Noster’s attack. Bell must solve the riddle of the Tanan Rhyme and transcend her containment if she is to use her talents to stop Noster.

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